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Enjoy your holidays to the fullest and discover everything Tirana has to offer.

Traditional Food

Meat is one of the bases of Albanian gastronomy and it can be stewed or grilled.

Some of the most representative Albanian dishes are roasted lamb with yogurt, veal with sour cream or comlek, a meat hotpot with abundant onion. A very traditional dish from this city is fërgesë, which has lamb or chicken liver, eggs, sheep cheese and parsley. The most common side dish is a big salad with tomatoes, cucumber and olives with a dressing of salt, pepper and vinegar.

The confectionery highlight is baklava, made with puff pastry soaked in honey and liquor and filled with dried fruits.


The main cultural points in Tirana are located around Skanderbeg Square, named after the Albanian national hero.

National History Museum
The National History Museum is the largest of the country and has eight different expositions about the history of the country.

Et’hem Bey Mosque
This mosque dates from the early 19th century and it is considered as the most beautiful of Albania.

Figurative Arts Gallery
This gallery, created in 1976, includes more than 3,000 works from Albanian and international artists.


In the last years our city is becoming a popular events centre. Among many of the ones celebrated, stand out the following: Spring Day or Dita e Veres (in Albanian) on the 14th of March is the biggest one of the country; International Film Festival of Tirana; Jazz Festival of Tirana; Guitar Sounds Festival and Telekom Electronic Beats Festival, among many others.